Our Founder's Story

B-OK was founded by Brandon Shum who struggled with Mental Health for 10+ years. It stemmed from a toxic childhood household that involved daily physical and emotional abuse. Overtime, he developed numerous mental health disorders including Depression, Anxiety, OCD and Borderline Personality Disorder. He grew up isolated with no recollection of parental love or support.

But through his adversities, he developed a passion for Mental Well-Being. He realized that Mental Health was often on the backburner and people often neglect it until disorders start to appear. He envisioned a world where Mental Health was a regular topic, similar to physical health and people would discuss their Mental Well-Being similar to how they talk about fitness. So he founded B-OK, a lifestyle brand revolved around spreading awareness and the importance of Mental Health. A brand that hopes to make Mental Health a priority to society. He believes that by exposing society to the importance of Mental Health, it will motivate individuals to consistently evaluate and improve their Mental Well-Being.

He founded B-OK with one goal: To make Mental Well-Being a priority for all.